SAS Secure Anchor Mini – Bolt Down

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The SAS Secure Anchor Mini is great for securing your trailer, caravan or other equipment to the ground or wall firmly. Its robust steel construction makes it a great choice.

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The SAS secure anchor range offers a simple but effective way to secure your equipment when used with a security chain or cable, coupled with a padlock. Simply bolt to a wall or concrete drive for an effective anchor point.


The SAS Secure Anchor Mini is constructed of thick steel to provide a great anchor point. When coupled with a secure SAS chain it becomes a highly secure locking device. The size is big enough to fit SAS chains up to 10mm shackle thickness.


The ground anchor comes with 2 high-security expansion bolts and a hex key to fix it down securely.  Removal of the fixing bolts can then be prevented by hammering the anti-tamper ball bearings into the fixing hex sockets.  The anchor can be fitted to any concrete or brick surface near where your trailer, caravan or other equipment is parked, to secure it down to the ground.


When fixing onto the tarmac, a pad of concrete will need to be poured first to fix to. In this instance, another option is the SAS concrete in ground anchor, where the whole anchor is secured in the ground.

  • Thick steel secure anchor for a variety of applications.
  • Can be fitted to concrete floors, driveways or concrete/brick walls.
  • Easy to fit with fitting instructions included.
  • Fixing kit supplied; 2 high-security expansion bolts with steel plugs and 2 anti-tamper ball-bearings.
  • The strength of the installation is dependent on the quality of the floor/wall material.
  • Great for use with the SAS heavy-duty 10mm D shackle chains or SAS steel braided cables
  • Internal clearance of 45 x 45mm

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