Trailer Servicing

To keep your trailer in good running order, we would recommend regular trailer servicing – much the same way that you would your car.

Although there is no engine to service, trailers still have many essential moving parts. These would include the braking system; the coupling, the cables & rods and the brakes themselves. The wheels and bearings are contantly moving too so need regular checks.

At a minimum, we recommend the following service intervals: –

  • Every THREE MONTHS or 3000 miles (5000 km) – Commercial / industrial trailers with “intensive” usage, either by mileage towed or type of application. Also includes boat trailers that are regularly immersed in water (either salt or freshwater).
  • Every SIX MONTHS or 3000 miles (5000 km) – Commercial / industrial trailers with “average” use, either by mileage towed or type of application
  • Every TWELVE MONTHS or 6000 miles (10,000kms) – General private / leisure trailers. This would include horseboxes, general “tip run” trailers, camping trailers and the like.

As they are always open to the elements, the electrical systems on trailers are particularly prone to water ingress. Also, constant vibration during usage can lead to early bulb failure. Some owners opt to change their bulb-style lights for LED units. These types of light are not affected by vibration and come fully manufacturer-sealed. If you are interested in changing your lights to LED, please get in touch.

Trailer Medic's usual 30-mile-radius of base operating area. Other areas can be easily managed too, please ask.
Map showing our base and our 30-mile radius standard operating area.
We are happy to travel outside of this radius. Please be aware that we may have to arrange your visit with another in the same area. This may mean a slightly longer wait than usual.

Our Trailer Servicing rates (updated 14th Feb 2024) :

Trailer TypeWorkshop £On-Site £
Up to Twin Axle95.00190.00
Tri Axle142.50237.50

Prices shown are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

Service parts (if required) are charged extra.