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Here at Trailer Medic, you will find probably one of the largest independent stockist of trailer parts and spares in the South West. Our range covers almost everything you would need to either build, maintain or service a Class O1 or O2 trailer (750kg to 3500kg).

Trailer Running Gear – Trailer Axles, Suspension Units, Brake Parts, Wheel Bearings

Lights & Electrical – Marker Lights (clear, amber and red), Multifunction Rear Lights, Reverse and Fog Lights. All stocked in bulb and LED formats along with replacement lenses and reflectors. A full range of electrical components such as cable, junction boxes, connectors, as well as ready-made harness systems.

Jockey Wheel & Prop Stands – Available in 34mm, 42mm and 48mm to suit all applications. 34mm being suitable for smaller unbraked trailers and 48mm ribbed/serrated perfect for the heavy-duty commercial trailers.

If you have any queries or questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01837 470400; we’ll be happy to help.