SAS Mint General Protectant Spray, 500ml

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SAS General Protectant spray is ideal for application on your SAS Wheelclamp and Hitch Locks moving parts

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This SAS Mint General Protectant Spray is highly effective, general purpose protectant with strong film forming properties. This means it creates a protective film coating on the locks moving parts to prevent moisture ingress. By spraying SAS Mint General Protectant Spray regularly, rust and grime kept at bay in the lock and will increase the locks longevity. This is the recommended grease for everyday protection of your lock and all moving parts. Also suitable for application before overwintering and long-term storage to help maintain condition of the lock and all moving parts of your Wheel Clamp/ Hitch Lock.

WD40 can be used as a lock protection spray but is not recommend it for long term protection. It is actually a degreaser so it will not protect the lock long term as it evaporates. This protectant spray is silicone based which will leave a light wax coating on all locking and moving parts. This ensures the longevity of your lock and all moving parts even over the wet and cold winter months.

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