Helite Original Safety Airvest

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The Helite Original Safety Airvest is the most common type of Airvest seen in the equestrian market – a great all rounder.

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The Helite Original Safety Airvest “Airnest” is the most common type of Airvest seen in the equestrian market – a great all rounder.

The back protector is placed on the inside of an airbag making it 10 times more protective than a standalone level 2 back protector in the event of a fall. The head, neck and spine is stabilised and supported significantly reducing the risk of injury.



  • CE certified airbag: full inflation in less than 0.094s
  • Inner textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation.
  • Removable KNOX EN1621/2 CE certified level 2 back protector. Placed on inside of airbag.
  • Adjustable fastenings.
  • Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
  • High performance and durable sports fabric.
  • Multi directional triggering system.
  • Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment.
  • Can be customised with badges, radio loops etc. upon request.
  • Reusable design: simply replace the CO2 canister & away you go!
  • Child sizes available; small, medium and large.



Every person’s size and shape are different. Our size charts are presented for information only. We recommend that you do not wear an airbag if you weigh less than 35 kg.

  • The Helite Original Safety Airvest “Airnest” is available in 9 sizes: from Child S to XL-L.
  • The Airnest airbag is designed to be worn over your normal clothing or usual motorcycle or equestrian equipment e.g. jackets, body armour etc.
  • Don’t forget to take this into account when taking measurements.


Sizes (cm) Child S Child M Child L XS S M L XL L-L XL-L How to measure?
Height 135-145 140-155 145-165 155-170 165-175 170-185 180-195 170-185 180-195 A. Measure from the floor to the top of your head.
Chest 60-85 70-90 80-95 85-95 90-100 95-105 100-110 100-120 105-140 B. Measure horizontally around the fullest part of your chest, under the armpits with your motorcycle gear on.
Waist 60-70 65-75 70-80 75-85 80-90 85-100 95-110 90-120 105-135 C. Measure horizontally around your abdominal, at its deepest body point with your motorcycle gear on.
Hip 70-80 75-85 80-90 85-95 90-100 95-105 105-110 100-115 110-140 D. Measure the circumference, from pelvic bone to pelvic bone, at the widest part of your hips.
Back Length 30-40 35-45 40-50 45-55 50-60 55-65 60-70 55-70 60-75 E. While standing upright, measure the distance between the lower neck and the tailbone.
Canister 50cc 50cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 60cc 100cc 100cc The canister size must fit the airbag size.

How To Reset Your Equestrian Airvest After Inflation


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Child Small, Child Medium, Child Large, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, Large (L), XLarge (L)


Black, Navy Blue

Lanyard Type

Equestrian Lanyard & Saddle Strap, Motorcycle Lanyard


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